A friend sent a message yesterday with a few great opportunities for Chris...some work from home positions doing things like tech support, which he has done before. While those might not be the most awesome jobs in the universe, they would actually be really great for him. He could work from home (obvi) which means several great things. He actually hates getting dressed up for work, so score. Also, with the weight loss, he would probably need a new wardrobe, which is out of the question. With the diet, he eats 5 meals per day and exercises twice a day, all of this would be easier at home than in an office. Big deal here, he doesn't have a car. No commute is awesome. And he loves talking to people, as long as they're not complaining and being butts. Tech support is like a game for him because he gets to figure out the problem.

Anyway, any of them would be great, and hopefully one will work out.

And when I got to work this morning, they told me they're giving me another raise! They're really special people to me, and I'm so glad they have invited me in to their family. I've really been blessed with the families I've been able to be a part of.

God is constantly answering prayer and providing. If there were something invented that was greater than thankful and grateful and appreciative, that is what I am and will continue to be.

Thanks to all of you who listen (read) and pray and send good thoughts. That appreciation and love is for you, too.

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Allison Drew said...

Yay!! Good news all around!