Some days, Charlotte and I have great days. We go to the zoo or to lunch, we stay at the house and dance to Sesame Street and Miles Davis, or we might snuggle and watch Yo Gabba Gabba! or Pocoyo. We talk and practice walking and smile and clap and sing and laugh. It's all kinds of fun and happy times.

Today is not one of those days.

Sometimes we have days where we cry and cry and cry and refuse to sleep. And by we, I mean Charlotte. She's definitely one of those tykes that does not tolerate being over-tired.

Every other Tuesday, the Merry Maids come. They say they can't promise a specific time, but I think they have us bugged so they'll know they're coming when Charlotte should nap. They were coming at a time when she would be awakened right in the middle of her morning nap. Now they come at the exact time she would like to go to sleep. It's a conspiracy.

Staying awake until they were finished upstairs today caused the tiny one to yell and cry and carry on for over 2 hours. No matter how I tried to soothe, reassure, let her cry it out...nothing was happening. Usually she's a cry it out baby. But even with those little ones, they sometimes reach hysterics you know they're not coming back from. That was us today.

I was finally able to calm her. I just wanted you to know that, so you don't think I'm writing this to the soundtrack of baby screams. After some milk and baby ibuprofen (she has a cold, babysadface), she is out cold.

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