Life lately.

I'd like to preface like my entire blog here by saying that I would probably update more if I had a more interesting life. Chris still doesn't have a job, and all of my money is going towards living expenses, so we don't do much for fun. We're still praying this changes soon!

I was able to go home to Mississippi this past weekend! It was so great to be home and to see everyone. The last time I was in Oxford was January, for Parker's first birthday...so it's been a while!

The weekend was filled with time by the pool, visiting with Grandmother, explaining to everyone how this diet thing works, kisses and hugs from Parker and Zayden, playing Phase 10 with Kayla and David, talking with Daddy about politics, and visiting Woodson Ridge Farms (a co-op Daddy and Gale have joined) with Gale. It was fast and furious, but so good. Hopefully we'll be able to go back sooner, rather than later. Especially since Kayla and David closed on their first house yesterday! I've only seen the outside, so I need to go back to see how great it is inside.

Other than the little weekend excursion, we've really not done anything of interest. We watch tv, make meals, grocery shop, and I work. Pretty much it. I am able to take sweet little Charlotte out more now, with her being older and her reflux waning. We've been out to lunch, to the zoo, to the park, and swimming lately.

I'm pretty excited that we will be going to the local farmers' market for the first time tonight. I've wanted to go for months, but I always forget about it! There are plans to start an herb garden this weekend. Notice I didn't say "I will start an herb garden". The plants are all Chris. I actually have special death powers when it comes to plants. And I'm also thinking some hydrangeas out front in this pretty blue pot I have. It will look nice with the window box.

If you happen to be the praying type, please keep Chris' employment situation in your prayers. He's had lots of interviews and phone interviews, but he continues to get the same responses: you're overqualified or you're under qualified. It's pretty discouraging. It's also quite stressful. In the interest of full disclosure, I make just around $300 less than what our average monthly expenses are. So far we've survived, but it's been touchy. He's supplemented from his savings, but that has now run out. We have enough to last through July, however, the family I work for is taking a week long vacation in August, so I will have one less week of pay. There is not enough cushion for that! The situation HAS to change before then, or else terrible things will happen!

Oh, as far as the diet goes...I've lost 14 lbs. total and Chris has lost something like 52 lbs. total! It's going great! Though we'll see this weekend how much of a set-back our trip to Oxford was...hopefully not that bad.

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