It's all in the details.

Wedding planning is difficult and fun and stressful and stress-relieving and about a million other contradictory things all at once.

Without Etsy and some craftiness on my part, I'm not sure how I'd accomplish a wedding.

Thankfully, most of the details are finished. I have some hands-on work left to do, but not much in the way of actual planning is left.

We've had our cake tasting, and those cakes are going to be delicious!

I have my garter, headpiece, shoes, and under the dress essentials.

We have the decorations (and supplies to make decorations) purchased.

Invitations only need to be addressed at this point! And save-the-dates are being designed currently...they'll be mailed as soon as we get the printer the address list!

Our engagement photo session will take place in just a couple weeks.

My dress is in process. I'm very lucky to be able to work with a dress designer, and even luckier that she happens to be my aunt! My Aunt D (Debbie) is my mom's sister and lives in Chicago. She's been making beautiful dresses for 30 years as a side hobby, and has made around 300 wedding gowns and countless other bridal party dresses. It is amazing and overwhelming to have the opportunity to design your own gown. I can't wait to see the finished product!

The reception menu is planned...pretty much.

I think the wedding party dinner has been booked (Chris?).

The registries are complete, but might need a little adjusting.

The bridesmaids' dresses have been chosen, and they have until December to order and send in their measurements.

Honeymoon plans have not been made.  We may have to hold off on an official honeymoon.  Chris may be right in the middle of a school semester.

We're currently figuring out plans for beyond next summer.  Charlotte will be going to pre-school, so I will be out of a job and leaving a sweet family!  We've pretty much decided what we think should happen, and as soon as things are iron-clad, I can fill you in. 

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