Boys are weird.

So.  Boyfriend and I spend a lot of time together, clearly.  The thing is, once you're all growed up and stuff, and have lived on your own for a while...you get so used to spending your time the way you want, watching what you want on tv, etc.  You get me.  Well, boys watch weird crap.  Especially this one.  Like of course he watches that man crap.  I mean, sometimes he's like watching some of those swamp people or some sort of ghost shows or like some of those pawn shops and pickers shows.  But there's this whole other weird part.  The part he'd probably rather me not share.  But guess what, honey!  This shiz is getting broadcasted.  Booyah.  Let's talk about the weird (in my humble opinion) ones:  

One Tree Hill - yeah.  Umm, soap opera.  No way around it.  So glad this mess is over. 
Teen Wolf - what?  Crap.
Nikita - this show is so terrible.
Merlin - definitely not as cool as it sounds.
anything on DIY - let's face it...they just show the same things 17 times in a row.
Ghost Adventures - again, more crap.
Endurance - like a kid version of Survivor - why is this real?

I've also witnessed him watch things such as Wizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.  I mean, do they just watch anything that comes on the stupid tv?  How can an intelligent adult watch this mess?  The humanity!

Now that I've aired some of his dirty laundry, and managed to make him sound like a very strange sort of person - I promise he's a good dude.  You'd like him.  I sure do.  

Oh, boys.   

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