it's been a while...

...so I never really thought I'd be back to this, but alas, here we are. I'm fairly certain this may not be read, but it will make me feel better at least.

Many, many things have changed since the last post...I mean, it has been over two years.

I have so many thoughts swimming around right now, it's hard to pinpoint one to go with, but here goes...

So I'm thinking about writing a Bible study series (or book, we don't know yet) on relationships that will be directed to teen and young adult girls. Girls' Ministry is definitely one of the passions God has given me in life, and He gives me these ideas and insights and experiences for a reason...so why not share them? If you have any great ideas, please share!

I have noticed lately, in my foray in to the world of teen girls so, so many things that just break my heart. The ways and places and people that they look to for love and acceptance; their twisted views on beauty and self worth; their unending search for meaning and purpose; and their lack of wisdom on womanhood, even more so, Biblical womanhood. I remember being a teenager and being just as lost in this world as I see they are. Just searching. Pleading for someone to talk to, someone to understand, and truly someone to just guide me. It hurts me to see them go through that now...but it also makes me feel like my purpose is justified in that. God allows me to see this pain and confusion, because He is and will use me to help them through that. It truly amazes me that we have only now begun to see the need for Girls' Ministry in our society. And really, still only few people see that need and respond to it. I hope this new found need inspires a revolution in the world of ministry. I hope it inspires revival in the hearts of girls, yes, but Christians in general. I hope many find purpose and meaning and love in this. ...love is what it's all about, after all.

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