Where I've been.

First, I apologize for my sudden radio silence. I knew if I wrote anything at all, I would give away stuff that I shouldn't. But no worries now!

As you may know, Chris and I are now engaged! What you may not know, is we've already been wedding planning for months. Pretty much right before I stopped writing, in June, we began our wedding plans.

We've known for quite some time we wanted to be married...I mean, we have been together like a hundred years... And finally the time was just right. He had my ring made, which was a process that took a couple months, as he had it designed. I knew he was doing so, and while I didn't pick it out specifically, I gave him plenty of options and information to choose the perfect one. And he certainly did!

Since he had the ring, he told me to begin planning. We knew what we wanted would take some time to plan, and we also knew that we would have to work around the crazy hot New Orleans weather and a best man currently serving our country as a Marine.

All that to say, we know when, where, and how we'll be married, and you will also. Very soon!

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