life stinks sometimes.

i can be happy if i want to. i don't have to base my happiness on someone else...or whether someone else loves me. i can be happy on my own. i choose to be happy. i don't have to mope if i don't want to. things happen for a reason, and i have to deal with that. i can deal with that. i'll be ok...in fact, i'll be fine. God always has a better plan than we do, and i think it might be time for me to trust that. maybe i wasn't privy to God's perfect plan...maybe i just thought i was. silly me. how could i have fooled myself for so long? or am i actually fooling myself? who knows. he knows...or at least that's what he has to figure out. how can he just now be figuring that out? wouldn't you know that? isn't that an obvious thing? i don't have to be sad just because he is stupid. it's not my fault he's an idiot.

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Chris said...

definitely not your fault im an idiot