i'm not one that really likes to make decisions or really gets excited about changes, yet i am faced with many right now. i will be graduating in may...thank goodness!! but that just means i have to decide whether i want to go into the work force or go to grad school. and if i go to work, do i stay here where i have people and familiarity, or do i branch out? if i go to grad school, do i go to a secular school, or do i go to seminary? i did decide to apply for camp for another summer. mainly because God told me to...He made it pretty evident that my silly reasons for not working another summer were selfish and petty, so i decided to listen. i have to decide on a place to intern next semester. this is a major decision, as it needs to be in the area i want to specialize in. i'm not certain what i want to do yet! and there is potential that there will be some major changes in my personal life soon that i am absolutely not prepared for. i never saw it coming, but alas, it is now a possibility. talk about being waaay off...

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