isn't she cute?!?!

here is the newest addition to my household...vivi! i know there are several...and they all look similar and the last one is kinda out of focus...i get a little over-zealous with the camera sometimes! i'm so excited i finally have her. i picked her up this morning, so this will be our first over-night experience...and we leave for north carolina tomorrow or monday! it's a good thing she likes the car and she's still young enough to pretty much just sleep all the time. i've said it before, but i don't care...i'm really excited about spending the holidays with chris and his parents. i had christmas at my mom's house last night...they pretty much just gave me money so i could shop the after-christmas sales...which is exactly what i wanted! she also gave me some really nice pajamas and slippers and some great earrings (i was with her when she picked the earrings out, so i knew i liked those). i hope everyone is having a good break from school, or will have a good break from work! fyi...i ended up with a 3.2 for this semester...that makes me happy!


CW said...

OOHMYGOSH that is the cutest puppy EVER!! hehe. i hope you made it to NC safely. ;)

amy said...

awesome! congrats on the grades. the pup is cute! we still haven't caught up yet. miss you!

Heather said...

Hey! I got an e-mail from fuge last week, and I'm on the waiting list, so we'll see how it turns out. Thanks! Love you! We need to get together!