it's been a while.

i know, i know. it's been forever...sorry. well, i did make it to north carolina. i'm here and i've not really been doing anything. don't get me wrong, i really have liked the rest and relaxation i'm getting in, but i would definitely have loved it if chris could have taken off more time from work...i understand though! one must work to make money! he works every weekday from 3:30 pm until midnight. we do get a bit of the day to hang out, but we both have more energy generally when he gets home, so we end up staying up late, which limits our day-time because we feel we need to sleep late! vicious circle. anyway, let's see...for christmas i got my puppy, of course...and i thought that was all i was getting from chris, but christmas morning he surprised me with gilmore girls season 5 under the tree!!! i was really excited because i got bummed that no one had gotten it for me and i was going to have to go buy it myself. his parents gave me a pretty cashmere shawl from one of my favorite stores...and then my parents just gave me money, really. my mom gave me some cute pajamas and white and yellow gold hoop earrings and daddy and gale are going to take me shopping for clothes when i get home...and that was my christmas.

we went to chris' church christmas morning...it was nice. their pastoral staff sat on stage all on couches and club chairs and such with their families...it was a neat gesture. christmas eve, we went with his parents to this really pretty old stone church. it was an episcopal service...which i had never participated in before, and i don't think chris had either. i got really confused during the communion part, because you have to walk to the altar and kneel and drink from the same cup...and they have awful wine that takes your breath. and then chris and i got really tickled because they have 3 different books for the service (book of common prayers, hymnal, and the bible with the apocryphies) and we couldn't keep up! they jumped from one book to the other so fast...we were constantly flipping pages and acting like we knew what we were supposed to be saying. it was funny. we had dinner christmas eve with his parents, and then lunch after church on christmas day. it was nice to see them again. i really like his parents...they're so nice to me, and i think they're really funny. i would love to get to spend more time with them!

we have been able to do a few things this week. we saw narnia the other night...it is great! i never read the books as a kid, so i bought them yesterday. i really like the storylines. we also saw the ringer with johnny knoxville...not as funny as it could have been, but somewhat humorous. we went to a candlelight tour of the biltmore house. WOW. it was so pretty, so cold, and so big. they've opened up the fourth floor since we went in the spring. pretty cool. we decided it would be insanely ridiculous to live there with any less than 50 people. it's entirely too huge. hmm...what else... oh we went to see the new house his parents are buying...they close on it tomorrow...it's very nice, but i think everyone (including me) is really going to miss the house they're in. i haven't been to see his school yet, but i think we will be going sometime. oh and there is a gingerbread house exhibit at the grove park inn that we're going to see too. i like it here. i only wish i could stay.

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