stick a fork in me...

...cause i am DONE!! fall 2005 is in the books. it is finished, and i am relieved. i think my grades are going to be really good...well except one...i think i have a C in juvenile corrections, but my others are fine. it might actually be the best semester i've had in college! i'm so glad to be finished and facing my 5 or 6 week break! as of right now, i'm planning to spend 2-3 weeks in asheville with old what's-his-face. i guess that will be fun...kidding, kidding. anyway, i'm really bored now that i have nothing to do. i'd really just like to sleep for a few days, but my lovely boss has scheduled me 9-5 everyday next week (plus 1-6 on sunday!!!)...i will be sitting in the very cold backroom (we have no heat) looking up the wholesale prices of textbooks in various publishers' books...sounds like fun, huh? i've not done this before, but my co-workers have told me that my eyes will be crossed by the end of the first day. what a way to spend christmas vacation....i was hoping to get things done this week before i left for north carolina. i still have christmas shopping to do, gift trading with my family, i need a haircut like whoa, i have tons of laundry and cleaning to do, i have to pick up my puppy and spend some hardcore quality time with her (!!), get my car checked out and cleaned, and of course, pack for 3 weeks.

wow, i didn't realize what a long to-do list i have...stink.

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