Hey, I'm still here!

Sorry for the extended absence, there just hasn't been much going on. But I'll still update you on all the mundane details!

We made the trip to Oxford for Memorial Day weekend and Kayla & Chris' birthday weekend. Both were a lot of fun.

Memorial Day weekend, we stayed with Daddy and Gale, and I love that. There's plenty of room, and it's just comfortable. We went to the farm-share Daddy and Gale have joined (because Oxford is oh, so trendy and they have these all over now cause its so hip), and it was quite lovely. They had great produce and bread and eggs and stuff, and it was just really pretty. And very close to the house. That's about all I remember. Oh, I did get to visit with my sister, Amanda and her husband and my stinky-cute nephew, Zayden. And Grandmother and my cousin, Evans, who was on a trip home from his current working life in Afghanistan! I guess I did more than I thought!

On the birthday trip, we were able to stay in the Martin (David, Kayla, & Parker) family's new home! It's so cute! I love it and so do they. So proud for them. We had a yard sale there Saturday morning, and it was quite successful! That evening we made a birthday dinner for the honorees...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, tomato-cucumber salad, chocolate chip cake, and caramel cake. Beyond delicious.

Other than that, there really hasn't been much excitement. Chris has had some more interviews, applied for several more jobs...he even went to a job fair yesterday, but didn't feel like it was a great use of time or resources. Still no job, but we're praying and hoping and trusting.

On the day to day front, Charlotte is just a ball of fun. Every day I notice something new she has learned or developed. It's just the most amazing thing to get to experience a child grow up in front of you. Also, she's got great dance moves...girl loves to break it down! Music is definitely her favorite thing, with which I am totally ok!

I'd love love love to go back to school in the fall. So much. I really miss it. I just want to finish! I would have great study/homework time during naptimes. I'm praying it (and several other things) works out!

Speaking of school, I have a confession to make. After my first semester of grad school, I changed my major from marriage and family therapy to Christian/childhood education. I did that for the wrong reasons. I definitely do love children, and I've loved all the classes I was able to take. I know they have and they will all benefit me greatly. But I changed because I just wanted to hurry and finish school, and the MACE degrees all looked so easy, compared to what I was doing! (just to clarify, I'm only meaning seemingly easy by comparison...no graduate degree is easy!!) So, I changed to take the easy way out. The funny thing is, I always had in the back of my mind that I would still go back, at some point, to get my MSW...which would achieve the very same thing as the MFT degree. I'd still end up being a licensed counselor. Crazy, I know. So, with all that being said...when I do get to go back, I'm going to do it the right way. I'll be going back into the MFT degree, like I'm supposed to, and like I was in the first place!

Lesson: don't try the easy way out; you'll only make it harder on yourself in the long run.

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