A lil update.

So Chris hasn't yet been lucky in finding a job. Someone hire him, people! Last night we discussed some contingency plans, because honestly, money will be running out soon, so something has to happen. I feel better when there are backup plans. I am still hopeful things will work out just fine!

My knee is still all crazy. I don't know what is wrong with this funky thing. I do know that I hurt this same knee many years ago in dance practice, but I never saw a doctor about it. Shame on you, parents! Kidding. If anyone knows about knees...mine feels crunchy (?) when I bend/use it. I know that sounds crazypants, but I have no other words to describe it. And I think I said all that last time. Oh well. I have been walking, and yesterday I did a cardio dance video, but running is too much for it. Sadface.

My job is great! Charlotte is growing so fast, and she's beautiful and fun. So we just have lots of fun everyday...ok, most days.

My bestie, Catherine, and her husband found out if their baby is a boy or girl yesterday. I'm going nutty because they're waiting to reveal the gender and the name until Mother's Day weekend. Ahhhh! I just like to know all the things.

Kayla and David bought their first house! I can't wait to see it! My baby sister is so much more of a grownup than I am! She's a married mom, who now owns a house. I, um, have a job? And a car? Lame.

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