All these things that I've done.

So, I've done some things in the past few months.  Here are some of those things.  Enjoy.

 Remember that time I took pictures of my family at the beach?  So fun.
Kayla and David with Baby Parker.

Zayden and Parker...obvi, they didn't like the sand very much.  But, oh, so cute.
David, Parker, and Kayla, again.  I am related to some pretty attractive people...more to follow.
Another sister, this one is Amanda.  She's Zayden's mom.  And that's Brian.  He belongs to them, too.
So cliche.  But lovely.
I made this for my Grandmother's 80th birthday gift.  She loved it!
A little Christmas gift for Amanda and Brian.
I made a few of these.  This one is for Walt and Catherine.
This is just for me.  And Chris, clearly.
You've seen this before.  This is the current status.  This is for that sweet babygirl up there.
I made this!  Catherine and I took a sewing class and made these great tote bags.  Super fun.
This is kind of ugly, but I'm still proud.  That's a lot of mini cupcakes.  And they're red, white, and blue on the inside, too.
Oh yeah, and I made a little home, too.  Maybe someday I'll show you pictures of the inside.  Maybe. 

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