Just a few thoughts...

I think I should make this like bullet points, because none of it goes together.

• If you want a great facial scrub/exfoliator, make a paste from baking soda and water. I do this about once or twice a week. It makes my skin so smooth and glowy. (if glowy isn't a word, I just made it one. Boom.)

• Couch to 5k day 1 yesterday! It was great...felt really good. I was tired, but not exhausted at the end. I had todo it inside because of the storm, so I felt a little silly running circles around the house. Oh well.

• Chris had another interview yesterday. He feels like it went quite well. Hopefully we'll hear more about both positions soon.

• I really want to go home to visit my family! The last time I was there was January! I need to see them.

• I have some amazing fabric, thanks to future-mother-in-law, that I can't wait to make into throw pillow covers. I just need a bit of extra cash to be able to get the inserts. The couches are so oversized, I'm going with Euro pillows instead of the usual tiny throw pillows. Small pillows just look weird with these giant pieces of furniture.

• I also really want to re-do the bedding and curtains in the master bedroom. Again, just need that extra cash. Or an engagement so someone else an buy it for me!

• I've been using my homemade laundry detergent for a while now, sometimes with white vinegar as fabric softener. When washing the sheets last night, I added several drops of lavender essential oil to the vinegar in the fabric softener well. They came out of the washer smelling so amazing! Some of the scent stayed after drying. I really want to figure out a way to get the smell to stick around.

Ok. Nothing exciting. Nothing essential. Just thoughts.

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