I think I just heard my brain ping...

ouch. greek is hard, and my brain hurts.

while my fellow classmates and i were leaving our incredibly difficult greek test, we were discussing the process of trying to study and still have lives and jobs and churches...etc. (we do know life is hard for everyone, don't get me wrong!) it just seems like you can never get on top of everything at the same time...something always has to suffer. but, one classmate made a very good point...he talked about faith trials and spiritual battles. of course i know that seminary is a breeding ground for internal spiritual battles, but i had never thought of that in relation to our studies. but it is so obvious! while we go around thinking that there's just too much to do, or not enough time in the day, or whatever...some of that may be true, and some of it may be misappropriated priorities, but i think a good portion has to do with satan and his desire for us to not accomplish the Lord's work. he likes for us to think we cannot achieve this goal. he wants us to be too busy to study and too confused to understand. he's terrified of us finding out those beautiful nuances in the original greek and hebrew texts. he so wants us to fail that he is throwing everything in our paths to make it that way, and he is trying to make us so discouraged that we will believe we can never make it.

good point, i think. of course, my God is bigger than that.

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