Indian Summer

I never remember to blog. I meant to make it a point to start the habit again...you see how well that went.

Oh well, new beginnings!

It is officially fall, but somehow, South Mississippi has forgotten how to have fall. It's not cooler, leaves aren't changing or falling, there are no beautiful breezes, you still sweat when you wear a cardigan...which is one of my favorite things to wear. Sad face. I love autumn, but I think I'm going to have to move to get back to a place that actually has it.

Fall reminds me of people I love and miss dearly. I miss them all the time, naturally, but my love of autumn makes me want them here to enjoy it with me! I shall see them all soon, hopefully!

I suppose I should stop using the term "Fall" or "Autumn", seeing as how they really have no meaning here. We are truly experiencing an Indian Summer right now. Though it would be more fun if it came with actual Indians. I'm just sayin.

Sorry boucha fall! It's summer till November here!


Allison Drew said...

Haha. Sorry boutcha fall! I love you.

Amy said...

My favorite part about this is that I still have 2000 points! :)