wow, it's been a while.

sorry about that. camp was insane, as always. it was fun, sure, but no down time...whatsoever. it's ok, it's over now. i worked with several amazing people this summer...several that i worked with last year...and i missed several i worked with last year (that means you, amy!). i think that if i work again next year, i will go back to a normal centrifuge camp. combo camp is a bit hectic. just too much for 3 years in a row! oh, for all you m-fuge lovers out there, next year all m-fuge camps will go to the 5 day schedule like combo camps and centrifuge...so get ready.

i just got back from north carolina, where i had to pick up vivi. she stayed with chris' parents this summer. they are so sweet. taneka (my best friend from high school) went with me, and we just hung out for the weekend at chris' house (with no cable, no movies, and no air!), wandered around the city, and visited with his parents. they took us out for breakfast saturday morning, and we just had a great time. they're funny people.

chris is still at camp. he loves jenness park, but i think he's missing contact with the outside world. it was sad that i went all the way to north carolina and didn't even get to see him! he'll be home next week. his camp runs forever longer than everyone else's. hopefully i will get to see him soon. i did see him on his birthday in june. he came to visit me at camp for the first time ever! it was fun and everyone enjoyed having him around...he takes after his parents...he's a fun person.

so i miss everyone like crazy. my camp friends, my school friends that aren't in town yet, my friends from around the country that i haven't seen and haven't kept in contact with, chris, my family members i haven't seen yet...the list goes on. it's a bit sad, but i know i'll start seeing people soon, and i do have my adorable puppy back! she grew so much over the summer! she is so big now...she's almost as big as abercrombie. i'll post pictures as soon as i get a new battery for my camera...or a new camera, mine is crap.

much love to all of you. i missed you all too.

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