so long, farewell...

sorry people. it's been a while. i haven't been anywhere...well unless you count the numerous hours i've spent at work, at school, or doing whatever other crap i had to do to finish the semester. ugh, it is over!! i did well this semester and it makes me feel great.

i have one week until i leave for camp and i have absolutely nothing to do for a week....and it is glorious! i am sad that i won't see my pup for a while, but what can you do?

kerri (my step-sister) graduated ole miss yesterday...yay. it just makes me feel worse about not graduating when i should. oh well.

i am, however, ecstatic about this summer and my new job. i think it's going to be an amazing summer and i'm really anxious to get down there and get started!

let's see...oh yeah, since i updated there have obviously been several new things going on...amanda got married, we all went to gatlinburg and then kayla and i went to asheville with chris...she got to meet his parents, so that was fun. umm...i went to program weekend, my grandpa passed away, and i decided i'm going to try to go to medical school. lots of things...i know.

here is a recent pic of vivi...

i'll post more again later...this is enough for now.


Chris said...

im so jealous you get to leave for camp saturday. poop on my month extra before i get to leave.

Taneka said...

wow medical school..you want to be a doctor???? that's crazy

courtney said...

have fun at camp. be careful getting there.
whoa your dog got big.