i tried to think of a clever title...but i've got nothing.

so first, just a funny side note...i really, just until a few years ago, thought the expression was "a doggy-dogg world" instead of "a dog-eat-dog world". i really just thought snoop had that kind of impact on people that a phrase was coined after him...you can get off the floor and stop laughing at me now...please.

ok, now to the original idea...elizabethtown is a really great movie. of course since it was released recently i've had lots of friends (and myself) watching it lately and talking about it. i think it's just adorable...and believable, which is saying something with the romantic comedies as of late. i actually have a few friends that have been inspired to now take road trips, mostly with significant others. i think that is such a cute idea! i would love to do that, but honestly, chris and i just don't have the time. i mean i will be taking a road trip myself, to my sister's wedding and then to see him...but it's not going to be a cool cross-country trip or anything. just one day. i just don't have anytime before camp that i could just take off. i only have one week between finals and camp!

oh, and speaking of camp...kyle emailed today and gave me the choice of teaching in-depth bible study (which is experiencing God this summer) and for girls only. i chose for girls only because i've always wanted to teach that track and it was my favorite track as a camper. i connect better with the girls at that age...i feel very strongly called to minister to high school girls. maybe because of my precious little kayla...i'm so protective of her! i just want the best for her, and all of them, and i truly believe that i can help them learn through some of my experiences and mistakes. i've always known God can take bad circumstances and use them for good...so i hope someone benefits from the things i've been through...

anyway, off my soap box. i'm so looking forward to camp this summer. i just wish i knew more about it at this point. i feel like every other year they've sent us materials and info before now, and i have an even bigger job this year, so i'm kind of nervous and anxious about it. i definitely thought that i would have stuff to do already. oh well...i guess i'll find out soon enough.

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