sweet home ala...oh wait, no.

so i'm home. i got home last night...round about 11pm. though chris tends to complain about it (which makes that different from NOTHING else), the drive is really not a bad one. i mean, you just stick to i-40 forever.

i think i've found something out about myself...but i don't want to say this and then get it stuck to me everytime the situation arises...deal? ok, good. here goes - i think i like driving. it's serene...as long as there's no traffic, it's not boring...as long as you have a fully-stocked iPod, and it can be therapeutic. i think i like it. and i think my little wonder pup digs riding too. we were made for each other.

school starts in a week...i start work tomorrow. i'm kinda tired of this job, though kinda not. i mean, it's easy as pie, so why switch? but i have had other offers...i'm just not sold on switching jobs yet.

i found out a little while ago that my financial aid is all set for the year, which is amazing! i'm so excited...it's all because i committed myself to having a stellar fall semester, and i did!

my step-dad is kinda peeved that chris got me a dog. i'm living in his dad's house (because no one is living here, they don't want it to deteriorate, and he's living in our house so there is no room for me there!) and even though they always had dogs, he doesn't want me to have a dog here. now, his dad doesn't care...he says it's fine if i take care of her...but my step-dad says that if i have a dog she has to live in the back yard. well...we're working on him. as far as mom and i are concerned, as long as papaw doesn't care, it's fine. i mean, it is HIS house.

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