back to the grindstone.

school has started. actually now we're in our second week. it seems cool. hard to believe i have one semester of classes after this. wow. family is ok...2 weddings in store is driving them all crazy though...we'll see how this comes out! work is the same old thing...boring with a bunch of old biddies all snipping at each other...it's funny that the grown people are the ones that have all the problems with people. all the college students like each other for the most part. that's about it for now...just waiting to see what the next few months hold for me. between you and me, it really needs to hold some sort of spiritual renewal, because as of right now, i'm nowhere near prepared for camp. i know i need to be, but it's like i can't get into it. i can't find a church, i just don't have a desire to dig in like i used to. i don't know what is wrong with me. i want to have that hunger back...i don't know how to get back there. how do you go about getting your thirst back?


Courtney said...

about getting the thirst bacK? well, drinking too much beer always works that out. hehe. okay, sorry, i was kidding. i hope you get back into the swing of things, and knowing you-you will, sooner than later. :)keep yer head up. oh, and good luck with your semester!

amy said...

sounds like where i work. :)