i'm bored.

i'm watching pleasantville. it's such an interesting movie, i think. very funny, very satirical, but interesting. if you think about it, i think it's a good picture of what we've done to the world. we took the world God gave us and turned it into something different and perverse...something He never intended. just like when they are thrown into the reruns of the show, they weren't sent there to turn the whole world to color and tell people about sex and books and fire. we've taken the paradise He gave us and turned it into a wasteland filled with poverty, hunger, disease, death, pollution, war, and all sorts of devastation. it makes you think...

...i didn't even plan to talk about anything like that, it just occurred to me as i began to type. interesting. i've got to go shopping today. one of my classes is heading to the state capitol to do some schmoozing on tuesday and i need something business-casual or something like that to wear. all my dress clothes are kind of funky...you know, sequins and shiny stuff, gauchos, peasant shirts, beads and bobbles...not stuff you would wear to meet congress persons. i don't know how i'll ever work in an office...i hate dressing like a drone. i rather enjoy being stylish and fashionable and different.

for those of you that saw me with my brown hair...i just couldn't handle it. i really tried, but i could never get used to it...i think it made me look dead in photographs. so, wednesday i went lighter. the girl that did it did a great job. i just hated sitting in the salon for 3 hours! i could have fallen asleep so many times...oh, and she did a wonderful job waxing my eyebrows too...they look better than they have in so long. all in all, i'm pleased.

so with the 2 sisters getting married, it's getting to the time of showers and dress fittings and invitations. ugh. i mean, i'm happy for them, but i think i'll tire of hearing about wedding crap real quick like. amanda has her first shower in a week. it's a lingerie shower...should be fun.

the pup is doing amazing. she went to the vet monday and she's perfectly healthy. she's so cute! she never even noticed getting her shots, she was busy eating the milk bones the vet kept giving her.

i'm anxious for amanda's wedding for one reason...that's the next time i'll get to see chris! i think his parents might be there too...at least they're invited. of course that means our families will meet each other...yikes. it should be interesting though!

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