friends are friends forever.

i love how you can talk to a really good friend after months even, and just pick up like you saw each other yesterday! i have some really great friends. i love the way that friends make you feel like you're understood and loved and just great! it doesn't matter to them what is going on in your life, whether boring or CRAZY, they'll just listen and give you the attention you need. my friends are so important to me, and i love that i have so many great ones in my life. there are some that i've been horrible about staying in touch with...actually, you can ask any of my friends and they'll tell you...i stink at keeping in touch with folks! but i still hope they know that i love them all and truly cherish the relationships i have with them. i know this is all cheesy, but sometimes you really just notice how blessed you really are to have such amazing people in your life...people that are there right when you need them. it's almost like they know...

God is amazing, and He has surrounded me with such wonderful people.

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