i'm baaaaack!

sorry for my absence, dear readers. i had a slight problem with my troublemaker of a laptop. this time, the power cord broke. it was actually broken by a girl in a coffee shop, but it didn't die until a couple weeks later...of course right at crunch time! it was wednesday night, i had an 8 page paper due friday, no jump drive and all my work and research on my computer and my computer alone. it died. i had to start from scratch, but only after chris got here with his laptop. i tried to be resourceful. i tried to use my little sister's power cable...it was a different wattage, but my uncle said it would work any way...it didn't. the computer died while i was writing the paper. everything was scrapped. i turned the paper in a week late, because i have a gracious professor who knows my penchant for having mis-haps. i had to do all the research and paper stuff all over again. oh well...it's done!

so i spent the thanksgiving holidays without my own computer...i just got the new cord today. chris and i had a great time last week...i mean, i guess he did...i had a good time anyway! we saw the new harry potter movie twice. once at 12:01 am on friday, and then again this past wednesday with my little brother, trae. (he loves harry potter, but surprisingly the only thing he got out of the entire near-3-hour movie was that harry potter cussed...he's a little obsessed with cussing lately) thanksgiving was fine...2 meals on thursday and one scheduled for friday, but we didn't make it. had a dinner with daddy and gale and brent and kerri and afterward we all played cranium...fun. oh, the first weekend he was here we played lsu in football and lost. it was noel's birthday and she, courtney, and drew stayed with us. we went out and got crazy and ended up at some random weird guys' house way too late and had to get chris to come pick us up at 6 am because i couldn't drive noel's car because it was a 5-speed...many other details to that story, but that's the short version. then this past weekend we played ms state and lost...so all in all it was a red-letter week. :(

the rest of the time chris and i just chilled. i'll be going up there for christmas and i'm soooooooo excited! a little nervous about being away from home for the first time on christmas, but excited that i'll be able to spend the holiday with him and his family. oh, and he and i went to see the puppy he's getting me for christmas! she is so cute! and man, she is fat! she'll fit right in with the rest of us. :P

so next, i have 2 big projects/papers due in the next couple days, one final tomorrow, and then nothing until my 4 multiple choice only final exams start next week! now i just need to get the motivation to get to work hard-core on these assignments!

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Taneka said...

i just want to say that multiple choice finals are no fair..i have stinky hard ones..but ohh well i'm GRADUATING...in 10 days...so i guess i'll let you have your mulitple choice test