hey folks...

so this is my first blogger post...i hope my friends all find me here. i've been on xanga, but have been converted! i always thought blogger looked better, but i thought it was more complicated or like all difficult to do.

anyway, i'm almost done with mid-term week...that has actually lasted about 2.5 weeks. one more test tomorrow and i'm done! but instead of studying, i am of course wasting time posting, playing lame internet games, and looking for cool quotes to re-do my away messages. i know, my life is boring!

on the upside, i did go hang out with some kids tonight. after church, we took the youth out to eat and it was fun to get to know a few more of them. they're starting to loosen up around me...so am i loosening up around them. those of you who know me know that i can be a bit shy in new situations! but, heaven help you after you know me. i can be a bit crazy. and like this post, definitely random.

i still miss my friends...fuge is awesome. i know i'm going to be really sad this next summer when everyone is getting ready to go work and i'm not. oh well, you have to grow up and graduate at some point. i think i'll value that diploma just a little more for having to forgo camp, or at least that's what i'm hoping!


amy said...

yay for blogger! now i can post comments, which will be way fun! i understand the whole camp thing and having to grow up sometime. we can console each other when may comes around.

and i hope you do well on all your tests. everyone needs a little break every now and then. if you ever need me to help write a paper about chicago, or the sound of music, just let me know. :)

andrea said...

thanks! we make quite a team when it comes to papers!!