Yeah, whatever.

Umm, so not much to report. I've been working on a blanket. Chris thinks it looks horrendous. I mean, to be honest, it kind of looks like a My Little Pony vomited. But I like it.

It's probably for my niece. But I don't know.

Chris and I have been on this diet. It's by some guy that did some of those weight loss makeover shows. So you pay him to join his website, ReShape the Nation, and he gives you the menu plan and shopping list and workouts and crap. Chris is doing all of it. I'm just eating the night meals with him. Most of them aren't so bad, but if I have to eat another turkey bowl, I'm going to die. It's ground turkey on top of veggies. I like both these things, but when you have them 4 nights a week. I want to die.

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