it keeps going and going and going and....

it's only tuesday and i feel like this week has gone on forever already! it's finals week...it seems like it will never end. i had one final monday, two tomorrow...at noon and 4, if you'd like to remember me at those times...and one friday at 4. ugh...and i have to work just about anytime i'm not taking tests. i am glad for one reason though...i turned in a 35 page case study paper today and a 32 page policy booklet friday...that's way too many pages in one week. i mean geez. blah. but i'm just passing the time until i go to visit chris! i'm not really stressed about finals, either. i'm sort of (frighteningly) ambivalent towards my actual tests. i'm pretty sure i could fail my finals and still have fine grades, so i'm not that worried...which is unusual! i normally worry enough for everyone i know...i also normally am just trying not to fail, so that's a new sensation!

on another note, i spoke with chris earlier...hehe...he was in the mall trying frantically to find a gift for me from his parents. apparently what his mom wanted to get for me didn't work out, so she sent him to find something...since he knows me and they don't really. well, previously i thought he was well-versed in shopping for me...i really didn't think it was a hard task! he called me begging for an idea of what to get for me. after a hard day...that's too stupid to discuss...that is difficult to call up! a present was the last thing on my mind, so needless to say, i really didn't have a clue. i think he finally got enough ideas to get on with...crazy boy.

my pictures i posted last night...i finally figured out how to put a picture in a post, so i decided to play with it and show you guys a glimpse of the crazy happenings around here. i wish i had taken my camera (or really that chris had remembered to grab it...loser) when we went to check out my puppy!! she is so cute...you'll get pictures soon...i'll be able to get her pretty soon.

ok, i'm out. i'm going to watch a harry potter movie again...i swear, i just can't watch those things too many times! it's comforting to fall asleep watching those mischievous kids.


amy said...

you want gilmore girls season 5! that's what you want. it comes out tuesday!
good luck with school craziness! we need to catch up soon.

andrea said...

that's what i finally decided on...either that or a really nice robe. i've wanted one of those for quite a while...plus, it will be really hard to keep me from buying gilmore girls and waiting until christmas to see if i get it!