you've got a friend.

just a quick one, because it's been a while...

well, this week has been full of work (lots of work) and school. but, i am really excited because i have found some really cool people to hang out with lately! it's no secret that i've been craving friends and companionship lately because all my old friends are gone...well now i've finally made new ones!! it makes me happy.

last thursday i went with a bunch of friends to the levee to see a really great band. they're an 80's cover band and they are sooo much fun! we had an awesome time. i've also been hanging out with a great old friend lately too! taneka and i are reunited!! i mean, it's not like we didn't like each other or something, we just didn't make time for each other i guess...but that's all over now! it's fun....i love having her back!

and i have some really great friends in my classes. jennifer, andrea, and lindsey are great. and no, when i say andrea, i'm not talking about myself! it's so weird having a friend with the same name, because i've met very few andreas in my time. anyway, we're having a great time hanging out and working on school junk...we had a debate monday morning and we won! it's worth a test grade of 105 which rocks!

anyway, thanksgiving is coming up...big plans as usual. first the lsu game...noel, courtney, and drew are coming in...then chris comes in, we have thanksgiving with the family...then we head to starkville with like many more people than i can name for the fabulous egg bowl...ole miss vs. miss state game! and then partying afterwards, no matter the outcome, with tons of people at the hunt club! ok...there's life for a bit!

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Kaci said...

i wish i were getting back into the camp world. maybe after this summer. i am getting my masters and the classes start in june. but, i definately want to work camp again. i will definately give you a call and i will definately drive over to MC to visit you this summer.