gimme a break!

is there no end to this semester?!?! i swear i get busier as the weeks go on. i feel like i barely have time to eat, sleep, and shower in between school, work, and homework...and just forget about church! in the past 2 weeks, if i haven't been working during church, then i've been doing homework. i've never had to do this much work in one semester! of course, that could be because i've done horribly most every other semester...yeah, that could be it.

our child welfare visit day went well. it was so interesting, and at the end of the day, the supervisor of the agency said she would be delighted to have either/both of us back as interns or social workers in the future! i thought that was really sweet. we even got to see a couple shelter hearings in court...i went on a couple interviews at the elementary school, and we got to go on a few house visits and investigate a case dealing with elderly neglect. it was really interesting. i could definitely see myself working in a department of family and child services someday. maybe that's what i'll do when i get my bachelor's degree...if i need to work for a while.

that's all i did on my birthday. i didn't get to celebrate, but that's ok. courtney and drew sent me flowers...it was super sweet! i did go to a birthday party for grandmother and me on sunday...i got a card from her and a sweater i wanted from gale. it was cool.

thursday night i celebrated with gale and kerri. we went to a cool new restaraunt...l & m's, and then went to the rocky horror show at fulton chapel. it was really good! and wow, the guy that played dr. frank n. furter was really great...really weird, but really great! then saturday, alicia and i went to a costume party in kossuth...if you don't know where that is, don't worry...neither did i! she drove, but it's somewhere in the north part of the state around booneville. it was put on by some of her friends...it was pretty fun. the costumes were really funny! the girl (heather) that threw the party was a little boy and her husband was michael jackson...she wore a shirt that said "i was fondled at neverland ranch!" and then her parents dressed up as wayne and garth from wayne's world! funny, funny. alicia was an 80's rock star and i was trailer trash barbie...complete with ratty bathrobe, slippers, foam hair rollers, and smeared make-up! i wish i had pictures!

anyway, back to school work...


amy said...

i've tried to call you a couple times. but you're phone did this weird thing one time and the other time i kept getting a busy signal. but i wanted you to know that i tried and i was thinking about you. happy late bday!

andrea said...

awww...sadness! thank you though...my phone has been nuts lately. I'll call you soon...maybe tonight!