...to live and die in dixie.

that is what we did. we died in dixie this weekend, dear readers. down to the last six seconds of the game...the ole miss rebels had the alabama crimson tide tied at ten. (they were absolutely favored over us...we stink this year) during those last few seconds, alabama got in field goal range and put one up for three. so it ended...13-10, alabama. sadness.

in all truthfulness, it really wasn't that sad. at least not for me, i had already resigned that we would lose, and we had a GREAT time at the game. but let's back up the weekend a bit...

so friday night, i had friends coming in. chris was driving down from north carolina, drew and courtney and taneka all drove in from starkville. apparently, everyone but ole miss had fall break this past weekend. (mine is at thanksgiving...we get the whole week) so anyway, i knew i would have visitors for the weekend, but i didn't think anyone would be there before at least 10. chris comes rolling in town at about 7:30 and came and hung out at work with me. so we got to hang out some...ate at oby's...had a good time. drew and courtney came in about 1 am. we talked for a while and caught up, then went to bed around 3 am...because it was an EARLY game. i hate 11 am games. i think everyone does. so i get up at like 7 am because i wanted to get a head start on getting ready and i take longer than everybody. they all told me they were getting up at like 7:30/8...well no one did. we were planning to leave for the grove at like 9, because they all still had to get their tickets and we wanted to grove for a while before the game...you know, get some breakfast and all before we had to sit in a stadium all day. anyway, i finally call chris at like 8:45 to wake him up so someone will get in the shower! we wake drew and courtney up and i think we got to the grove at like 10:30. we had to haul tail to the stadium!

then, after the game. we went to a new mexican restaraunt...el sombrero, for all those of you who were with me in clinton this summer, it is the same people...we met taneka, matt, and thomas there. thomas could only stay for a minute, but matt and taneka decided to join the party back at my house! it's so great when you get to hang out with old friends!! so we decide that we want to watch stupid movies and have some fun...so chris and i go to wal-mart and buy super troopers! i love that movie...it's retarded! (my title for this post was almost "the snozberries taste like snozberries!") such a great movie...and so stupid! anyway, we watch the movie, laugh our butts off, and then decide to play dumb card games, take dumb pictures...and taneka, chris, and i decide it would be a great idea to do the "diverse city" creative movement from this summer! it was hilarious...and taneka's was so much better than ours and chris'. we had so much fun. we all decided to go to bed at some point in the early morning...there were people sleeping all over the house! and i still have left over food and junk from all these people! taneka slept with me just like we did when we were in high school and we stayed up for hours just talking...it was great to catch up with her!

well, after a tasty lunch at newk's the last of the guests left sunday (except chris). chris and i headed to southaven to meet with my sister amanda and her fiancee brian...we at at logan's. i normally love logan's but this was ridiculous. i ordered a medium rare filet. not brain science, not rocket science...cooked meat. after three steaks, they still didn't get it right. i finally just sucked it up and ate the third one, but we did get two free entrees for next time out of the deal. i just hate bad service. i feel that if i'm paying for a meal, it better be what i ordered. don't you think??? i'm not rude to people, and i didn't blame it on the server, but it was insane. i feel that we should have gotten more than 2 free entrees. we should have gotten that meal free and the next one. i'm not one to mooch, but that was just terrible. anyway, off my soapbox... after dinner, we saw waiting. it was so funny! i love ryan reynolds! he's hilarious. go see it.

then monday was uneventful, chris drove me to class...we ate a couple meals, wandered the square, visited the family, then it was time for sleeping. i went to work tuesday morning, and he left. i didn't cry though; i was proud of myself. truthfully though, it was only because i sobbed the night before. yes, that's right, i cried like a baby monday night. this long distance thing is hard! i wish there were someway we could live in the same town. or even the same state! it's crazy how much i miss him...i mean, he's my best friend, of course it's sad and of course it affects me. people just expect me to be mary sunshine...it's hard when your best buddy/boyfriend/favorite playmate has just moved 10 hours away! lay off people!

anyway, i think i'm out. man, this is crazy long. sorry it was an eventful weekend!

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