Planning, planning, planning

I feel so boring lately...I don't do very much, outside of work and wedding planning. Luckily, there's not much left to plan!

I have the invitations, the location, the photographer, my accessories, decorations, and bridesmaids' attire. I'm working with the cake artist and the dress designer. Chris has booked the wedding party dinner and is ordering save-the-dates in the next few days.

Since I'm such a crafter, I've taken on the making or customizing much of the decorations, of course. I've started on some of it, but I really need to get busy! For instance, I purchased over 100 glass votives, but I couldn't just leave them as they were. I decided they should be shimmery. So I am hand painting 107 glass votives...there are currently only 24 completed. Super.
Guess I should get to work...less than 6 months left!

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