Early effin o'clock

Here I lay, Saturday morning, and I don't even want to know what time it is. Being the amazing, kind, generous (and humble) friend I am, I offered to help a friend move in her new furniture this morning, without even being asked. Yes, I believe I now have more crowns, or jewels in my crown, or points or whatev in heaven than you. Sorry boutcha.

The thing is, my friends are super morning people. They're all, yeah we sleep in...til 7. And I'm all, that's when I'm making myself go back to sleep from letting my crazypants pee-body dog out to stand there so she can come in and promptly piss on the carpet.

I also coerced boyfriend into it too. I said, "Hey, we should go help Amber move her new furniture early Saturday morning!" And he literally said, "ugh." But still, he is doing it because I have the lady powers.

Seriously though, I'm excited to go help Amber set up her first all-by-herself grown up apartment, even if it is early effin o'clock.

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