Christmas, Christmastime is here!

Firstly, I am not skipping Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! I will celebrate it to the fullest.

But I don't feel like I can't prepare for the upcoming fabulous holiday. And all you lovies need time to gather my presents!! (kidding) Though, in the spirit of the holiday season...I will be providing all you fun people with a list of likes and wants for right now.

1. antique, beautiful lockets or necklaces

2. fabulous gloves...I lost my pair of fabulous gloves somehow. They were amazingly soft black lambskin with pink cashmere lining...sad day. So I need some new gloves! I did find beautiful ones at anthropologie.

3. interesting scarves

4. an olive green or brown leather purse. large. possibly a hobo or luggage-style bag.

5. chocolate brown uggs. judge me, I don't care.

6. an advent calendar. Preferably the one from redvelvetart

7. the new John Mayer album. love.

8. tickets (and someone to accompany me) to John Mayer's March 10th show in New Orleans. love love.

9. Beatles Rock Band and a Wii. so much love.

10. fun photos.

11. visits from friends.

12. amazing mixed cds.

13. an easel.

14. the gold glitter TOMS!

It's random and extensive and weird. But it takes after its author.

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