...according to His will

do you ever wonder whether God purposely puts certain people in you life, or whether you have them there on your own against His will? how do you know the difference? what is it that you look for? how do you know that people are good for you? i know to seek His guidance, and i feel that i do...but what if i don't know what He tells me?

i question somewhat frequently whether people are good or bad to have in my life, whether i should or should not be around them. there are people in my life that make me feel so bad sometimes, but it's almost like those ties can't be broken. the longer i've been in school, the worse i am about making friends...it's like i doubt myself and whether people will like me, which makes those contacts that are already in my life that much more important. but if those people are constant sources of pain or worry or anxiety...is it really good for me to continue to subject myself to that??

i am so thankful that i have the unconditional love the Father provides...it's so comforting that there is someone that will love you no matter what. i'm not sure there are many other sources of unconditional love...

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Katie said...

I think God gives us instincts for a reason. If you have a feeling that someone isn't good for you, you just might possibly be right.

You should totally be making friends, you're such an outgoing person! Don't let anything intimidate you, you're too neat of a person for someone not to know!!